We need Mark Curran on Illinois’ highest court!

He’s a proven fighter for faith, family and freedom. He has seen the ravages of crime and injustice and has fought against corruption and never backs down. He has supported our vets, responsibly met budgets and been a friend to the less fortunate. He has raised his children well, loved his wife, managed his business and treated all people with dignity and respect.

Mark has stood with courage and principle, over and over again. He won’t succumb to pressure and is owned by no person or party. He is guided by his faith and knows the pitfalls of unaccountable systems, unholy alliances and dirty politics.

As the Attorney General’s Gang Crime Bureau Chief, a Senior Prosecutor, a professor of Constitutional Law and the longest serving Sheriff of Lake County, he has seen it all, stood the test of time and served with distinction, accountability, heart and courage.

This is our chance to elect a justice who will judge with wisdom and principle, knowledge and understanding and his faithfulness to his oath will never be in doubt.

WE KNOW MARK CURRAN.  He’s vetted. He lives his life in our community and in broad daylight, not in smoke filled rooms, sheltered from the law and unaccountable to the people he’s sworn to protect. 

Mark Curran

We know Mark Curran. He values, protects, fights for and is committed to:


Let’s not gamble on someone else. This is too important! We KNOW Mark stands for Life, Liberty, Leadership and Law!

Will you support Mark’s campaign?

With your help, we can restore faith and trust, law and order, accountability and transparency to Illinois.

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